Actual Angel

I have to say that I always feel better in black and white, even though my fav is definitely pink, if you didn't know that (yeah now you'd better send me something pink on my bday). oh wait my bday was just last month and still don't get how i'm already 17 lol. People keep telling me i look 12 eh.

Btw have I told you how much I love this backpack from UNIF? You guys may recognize it from my last outfit post and still have to see it with me in more future photos. I was so in love with UNIF Bound Backpack but couldn't afford it at that time (im always poor af). But then it came in mini size and I couldn't resist that. It totally fits me and everything, as it has harness detail with studss, which is sooo goth and kawaii at the same time, which is so me. Especially the size fits my 5'0 height lol. And finally i got it right before it went out of stock.


  1. Hi there fellow 17 years old!
    You're so cuuute~~ especially your hair;_;
    love the black n white outfit!^^ and the backpack is so cute too:^)
    The shoes!!! I've been wanting that shoes for so long:^)
    I'm your new biggest fan btw!^^