I write sins not tragedies

Hoodie & Skirt: thrift
Boots: New Rock
Beret: 90s vintage from my mom (ilysfm mom)
Earrings: mignonne

I'm finally backkk with outfit post and this is actually the first one since I moved to London. I've always wanted to do more but who would I ask to take photos of me when I have no friends and mom here? :(

Anyway the new post is here with photos all credit goes to baby Violette (@vioxlette) <3
She's also a Vietnamese doing A-levels in Cambridge, who I've known for just 2 weeks. Its like she's literally the first person in this world that came to me (actually my instagram lol) said 'hi i really admire you lets hang out sometimes'. And we just did. Last week was our half term and she decided to spend a day in London. She wanted to visit some popular sights here but I haven't really been anywhere of those places, even Big Ben or Buckingham Palace (lol been in london for 2 months tho). Because I'm just not that kind of person I just want to stay in my bedroom forever, which even makes everyone around me worry. So I went with Violette to see the iconic clock tower Big Ben, and also the London Eye, and had some nice shots there. ugh it was soooo fucking crowded and took us sooo much time to take these photos. The weather was quite nice on that day like it was bright and clear with some light winds and the sky is soothingly blue. 

I looked so happiiiii bc she's such a sweet girl and still wonder why she can make friends even irl that easily. I just can't lol like my awkwardness kills everything i have no social life. Helppppp or just come here say hi and be my friend!!

And hope you don't notice that I've gained so much weight. srsly stressed ugh
Also a random selfie for you guys because I want to. 


The coming of Darkness

    6:31 PM

    6:36 PM

    6:41 PM

    6:50 PM

Dress: vintage
Boots: Dr Martens
Beret: vintage
Backpack: UNIF


Teen Angst

Hoodie: 19.Adorkable
Culottes: Zara
Backpack: UNIF


Actual Angel

I have to say that I always feel better in black and white, even though my fav is definitely pink, if you didn't know that (yeah now you'd better send me something pink on my bday). oh wait my bday was just last month and still don't get how i'm already 17 lol. People keep telling me i look 12 eh.

Btw have I told you how much I love this backpack from UNIF? You guys may recognize it from my last outfit post and still have to see it with me in more future photos. I was so in love with UNIF Bound Backpack but couldn't afford it at that time (im always poor af). But then it came in mini size and I couldn't resist that. It totally fits me and everything, as it has harness detail with studss, which is sooo goth and kawaii at the same time, which is so me. Especially the size fits my 5'0 height lol. And finally i got it right before it went out of stock.


How u survive thru life everyday

Hooded dress: Forever 21
Green army jacket: Freebase
Backpack: UNIF
Shoes: Vagabond

May you guys always stay kawaii and lovely ٩(˘◡˘ )

It's my new year, I should be posting a bright and lively colored or even sparkly outfit to jazz up my year and fit in with the festive holiday atmosphere. But I'm just me instead, yall see it. I have to say that I'm in love with this tone of green, despite the fact that I hate green and I still don't know why. I just never ever wear anything green except for this moss/olive/army green color. I came across this bombass Super Cub which matches my outfit so I got on it without knowing whose it is (would credit if i knew). I just got this perfect cap from Freakers and I would wear it everyday bc duh it tells my usual mood.

Btw I gained some weight if you notice.. It's holiday season, I've been binging a lot lately and there's no way to stop me. ffff