This is how my blog awkwardly started

Well since I created this blog, I haven't really had a chance to write anything actually. I haven't even said hi, tell me i'm not the worst blogger on earth. But here I am, the four eye girl in all that photos. Although i'm not good at words (that's why i'm writing these this late) I decided to write something official, and long. So


My name is Destiny and I'm a proud Vietnamese. I'm 16 and trying to find myself, who I really am and will be. This blog will be a part of my adventure, also my passion, my youth and maybe more.

I did have a blog when I was 10 (no kidding) but it was more like a kid diary sharing with the world about my fav cartoons sometimes lol. I had been an internet kid before anyone at my age. I don't know why but I just can't be myself in real life, with people. I'm anxious. I feel more comfortable being here. So be my internet friends:)

This one, yes i will still blog some personal things and life. But most important I want to make something about fashion, in fashion. I was lost years ago I didnt even know what I want what to pursue or anything. I dont know how it came but then I realized that fashion has been part of me since for.e.ver. And I want to share my thing with you guys. Also some of my photograph (it sucks but pretend it doesnt please) maybe?

This is my very first start.


Dez. 1st Aug 2015. 3:19AM

P/s: Sorry about my English if there's anything wrong. I threw it away for a year and I'm learning it again. Btw i'm thinking of blogging in both English & Vietnamese what do ya think?

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